Gallo Productions offers comprehensive video production services and production support for all visual media.

With over 30 years of experience in corporate and broadcast media and a well-established reputation, Gallo Productions is synonymous with high quality and cost-effectiveness. Gallo Productions offers production solutions and support consisting of seasoned crews with exceptional experience, knowledge and ingenuity, as well as multiple equipment packages to meet and exceed client expectation.

Its studios north of Boston, in Gloucester, Massachusetts, home of Captains Courageous and setting for many films, including The Perfect Storm, Gallo Productions has spanned the globe, providing production services on all seven continents.

Thanks to a team of professionals with a well-diversified portfolio of expertise and a fully operative state-of-the-art production facility, Gallo Productions can provide clients with a variety of solutions from concept to delivery. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service and insurmountable satisfaction.


Production Personnel, Creative & Technical - Director - Director of Photography - Camera Operators - DIT - Location Support


Camera Crews & Equipment - Post-Production - Live Shot & Transmission Services - Streaming on Desktop & Mobile platforms - EPKs - Digital & New Media services


News Gathering (ENG) - Camera Crews & Equipment - Post-Production - Production Assistance - Live Remote Production - Content production - IPTV

About Us

Creativity & Resourcefulness creates a synergy with our most valuable asset, our Client.

In 1994, after many years behind a camera in Italy, working for major Italian television networks, news and advertising agencies, Gianni Gallo, established himself and Gallo Productions in the United States. Initially, our focus was to provide ENG, production services and in-loco support to European broadcast clients. Our success in this niche market afforded Gallo Productions a tremendous opportunity for increased growth. Gallo Productions now boasts a 3200 sq.ft. comprehensive video production facility with a dedicated team of professionals to ensure a quality product. Our innate creativity and resourcefulness affords us a synergy with our most valuable asset, our Client. Gallo Productions continues to develop an extensive market base in the US, providing production and post-production services to many of the major players in television and film.

our team

Gianni Gallo

Gianni Gallo - Director, DP

With 30+ years experience in TV & film, Gianni has produced for RAI, MEDIASET, HISTORY, DISCOVERY, CNN, & more. He has shot on location throughout the world, from the depths of the Amazon, to the arid dunes of the Sahara, & has interviewed many prominent world figures and celebrities.

Eugenio Maria Ciancimino

Eugenio Maria Ciancimino - IT Department Coordinator

Eugenio is a licensed publicist, correspondent for Telecolore, Salerno Tv News in the US. Also a talented software engineer, Eugenio is a partner of Internet Television Solutions, servicing content producers, distributors, and media entities across the continuously changing visual media landscape.

Raffaella Maresti

Raffaella Maresti - Director

Raffaella, has over twenty years experience in television producing and directing for Rai and Mediaset. The myriad of documetaries & docu-fictions she has created have focused on personal stories, the absurd, mysteries, art, science & technology, nature, travel and education.

Paul Dawson

Paul Dawson - Technology Integration & New Media

Paul began his career as a digital video specialist for a broadcast professional video systems integrator. He then established his own company to provide interactive software & digital system integration services. An invaluable member of the Gallo team, Paul is an avid (no pun intended) WOW fan!

Ian Larson

Ian Larson - Media production and location management

Ian Larson is a Rhode Island Native with a background in Documentary film production and  Motion Picture Location Management.  Some of his recent work includes feature films The Way Way Back, Infinitely Polar Bear, God'